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Feed a gaiamon

Protect's gaiamon Flamebon is awake and ready for adventures. Offer a snack, it might share it with its owner!

Click one of the snacks below to feed the gaiamon!

Spirit Teeth
The teeth of leashed monsters become spirit-imbued.
Fallen Feather
The remainings of a fallen Skyborn explorer.
Foul Lifestone
Shiny stone said to provide a way to freedom.

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Gaiamon is a fun and addictive MMO browser game where you battle with monsters in a Pokemon styled turn based system. Breed new species or catch wild monsters while traveling the mysterious lands. Discover over 100 anime/manga inspired monsters and customize them with hundreds of different battle, support and passive skills. Craft unique gear equipments for your monsters using the forge, or trade your items with friends. Show everyone who is the strongest and most experienced by climbing the arena, reaching endless new world map difficulties, leveling monsters or earning achievements.

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